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  • Want to see what we do Check out our promo video and get excited!

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Opening the new build


For 25 years the Blue Mountain Adventure Centre has been helping people to reach their God given potential through the challenge of adventure, on the 20th June 2015,  I joined a group of people who share a heart for BMAC and along with what seemed like all the rain in New Zealand we descended upon Raurimu to celebrate this Anniversary and officially open the new build. Fortunately, among other things the new build has a large open hall

space so we were all able to sit comfortably warm and dry during the proceedings.


opening 1

 BMAC manger Mel Crook who shared her heart and history with BMAC and her visions for its future, Before Lt. Cl. Rod Carey pulled out his guitar and had us raise our voices with a rousing 'How great thou art'


The Army is like a climbing harness, Cl. Howell declared, holding one up for us all to see; we are there to catch the falling, and BMAC is a part of that mission. After dedicating the new buildings to the Lord, he invited up Peter Wells and Margaret Green, along with representatives from the builders, BMAC and the Army to stand behind the ribbon, while Peter and Margret synchronously cut it.


Once the ribbon was cut it wasn’t long before the keen young climbers swarmed the wall, adults watching and talking waiting for their turn to scale the heights. As the rain chose not to abate, going outside was not an option, but there was plenty going on inside anyway; While some enjoyed the food and conversation, others took the opportunity to take a look around the building and see what they could find. During this time I met the people who opened BMAC and it was great to hear their story, and understand a little more of the history of BMAC; 25 Years going strong and many more to come.

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